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Write a random fact about yourself

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Sometimes my arms and legs dislocate. :stretcher:

(Just thought I'd kill 2 mins with a really inane topic while waiting for my bus home...)


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Ludikristen said:
My skirt once split open in the middle of teaching a class.

I would've pointed and laughed :) hahaha

I once spilled coffee on my lap while checking my wrist watch......


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a few years ago when i was in high school.. i was skipping class and hanging out in the forest behind my school... then i stabbed someone with a pen numerous times.. and killed them..

just kidding  :bangin:

i dont know how to speak assyrian.. very well anyways  :ranting:

Crocodile Bani

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I have cousins in 6 countries around the world.  Not a big deal for an Assyrian but my non-Assyrian friends gasp with amazement.


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baklawa said:
atourina said:
i have a black chicks ass? :blush2:? but its ok.. it matches whats up there ;)

I challenge you to a contest -- mine is the size of the earth itself.

omg.. ur on!!  :wavetowel:

i'm not even fat .. i just have a fat ass.. but its a good thing... cuz having big boobs and a small ass would look stupid on me  :shades:


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when i was born, i set the record at that hospital for size. i was 9lbs 11ounces. Its probably been beaten now..
i was also wrapped in a pink blanket cuz they didnt have any blue ones.  :mad:
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