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Will we have less computer literacy in the future?


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Seeing how most people, especially the younger generation, are now mostly into mobile phones and tablets and hardly ever use desktop and laptop computers, do you think the in the future (in 5 years or longer) we will have a lot of computer-illiterate people? kinda like going back to the 1970s and 1980s, where most people didn't have a computer (most couldn't afford one and many more didn't need one).

That is, some will have a basic idea of how to operate a Windows PC (they will still be easy to use, it is not like they will go back to the old DOS days) but a lot of people will not be able to do the more complicated stuff (file manipulations, office applications, multimedia editing, email management etc.). Unless they work in an office where they actually use a computer.

But imagine someone born in 2010 or later: chances are, they have never used a computer (at least not extensively) and will not need to for the time being, as they will probably own an iPad, and in a few years, they will have a mobile phone from which he or she will do almost anything they want.

What are your thoughts on the future of desktop computing and whether literacy in that field will actually decline in the coming decades? And some may argue, we don't even need it, since mobile phones and tables will replace desktops and laptops (which I will never agree with!)



I'm glad you brought this up. I completely agree. It used to be if you wanted to use the internet and other technology you actually had to put effort into developing computer SKILLS,but now it all seems to be moving to stupid phones.
And it isn't even as if computer users can still do their own thing, I've noticed web browser and other applications,now called apps,are looking more and more like they were made for smartphones as opposed to computers.I don't like it at all.


Apple has already destroyed the cell phone industry,making it next to impossible to buy a phone with a keyboard and they're now polluting desktops computers with their "If it ain't broke,break it" philosophy.


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I agree with you and etain ASHOOR but then it'd be funny when someone gets interested in wanting to create apps.


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Yes, with the excessive use of tablets and phones we will remember the PC being a 2000s thing, as it will become obsolete by the 2020s. And in the early 2000s we used to think that people would lose handwritten literacy skills as they relied on the computer keyboard a lot. Lol.