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Where do you Sing?

I Sing.....

  • In the Car!

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  • In the Shower!

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  • Other ( name it )

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  • Everywhere!!!!

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  • I never sing!

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New member
Everywhere, these are a few places: in choir, at church, my house, my car, in everyone else's car, at work, in the shower, in everyone else's shower (LOL), in random public bathrooms, sitting at the table in a restaurant, at parties and weddings, shopping outside at Old Orchard, shopping inside at Woodfield, at school (in and out of class), sometimes while sleeping, at the theatre (the more I love the song, the louder I can be), heck, even at a memorial service once (but it was out in the parking lot, okay, don't judge me).


New member
I sing in the shower but t i sound better in the car cause the music is extremely loud but what i love the most is singing in someone elses car especially when i catch on the lyrics quicker than them...uff just if i was that good in other areas. :grin:


New member
i sing in the car only when im by myself.. and i go insane sometmes.. :blush2: i sing in teh shower wheni have the radio in there and my family cant hear me lol.. oh and today for the first time i sang while tanning.. :blush2:

but mainly in the car.. :grindance:


New member
i do it everywhere too...bad habit of singin at work too...kinda sucks for everyone there cause i cant sing ahhaha jareh. we play oldies music at work and ive learned the songs :dry: so they pop into my head everywhere...ive even caught myself singing/humming those songs as i brush my teeth.


New member
Oh my goodness, I just remembered! During my junior year in high school, I took a software programming class and there were literally twelve or thirteen of us in there, so we became a close group. Around a month before Christmas (Winter to be PC) Break, so before Thanksgiving, my friend Jennifer and I began to sing Christmas Carols because we both LOVE them so much (plus, I had been practicing quite a few of them in Concert Choir). Anyway, I got all the students in my class to do it, LOL. We'd sing nearly EVERY DAY. One time, we spent the entire class period looking up lyrics and printing them out, and I swear our teacher nearly exploded. Every day after that, poor Mr. Jones, he'd have to yell at us, "You people! This is NOT choir! It's not even Christmas yet!!!" So we made him a nice card at the end of the semester that said, "Thanks for choir class Mr. Jones, we loved it." And he smiled. Awwwww, I miss high school sometimes.

Sometimes... :angel2:


Active member
i sing in the shower, in the washroom, driving.. in the library when im the only one left.. while walking in the mall randomly yelling out "mike jones"...at work but no one can hear cause the machines are soo loud...



New member
I'm in the "Other" Category.

I like to sing while I'm listening to my MP3 player. I'll only sing assyrian though. That way people wont critisize my annoying voice but rather question what I'm saying.

Tony's new CD is awesome too. I've been blaring that for the longest time. Its a Double CD set. Not bad at all! It has Goobareh! Never heard Goobareh on a CD/Tape before so its about time I can blare that.

I guess now I haev a new type of song to dance in the parking lot.....right Eilbra (if she's reading)