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Where are they now? Za'mareh


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I decided to start a post to track down some of the old school singers.
Malik Mirza? Where's he at
Gilyana Esho? I know he's in australia, can anyone of you guys give us an update on him
Sargon Rasho?
Ra'ad Zaya
George Chaharbakhshi


giliana esho lives in melbourne, he hasnt recorded anything lately he just does a few parties and weddings in melbourne.

raad zaia well what can i say, last i heard is that he took off to the states after his marriage break up, but this was years ago, no one has heard of him since. i think his retired from singing

as for sargon rasho and george charbakhchi these guys are old now, although george released an album recently but these guys were in their prime in the 80s

long live the 80s


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Malik Merza was in jail the last i heard... :hmmm:

wat about ....

George Homeh
Fatin Shabo
Lida Lawando
Emmanuel bet younan... (i havent seen him in a while.. :hmmm: )


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I heard George Homeh plays the violin now, and Fatin Shabo is married to a Chippendales dancer, but I don't care I love her. :2hearts:


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Fatin Shabo is married to a Chippendales dancer, but I don't care I love her
is she still married to that guy?? lol i thought they woulda divorced a long time ago lol

i seen fatin last yr in cali at the state convention party and lida lawando i seen her last yr out at state convention party too

i think george homeh is busy tryin to come his assyfro, he had the best assyrian afro i seen in a while


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AssyrianPrince21 said:
George Homeh
As "Nore" mentioned, he plays the violin now. He performed in a fundraiser for the Assyrian Church back in Iraq a few months ago, it was good.

AssyrianPrince21 said:
Emmanuel bet younan
He's still singing, he takes his time with his music though, he doesn't sing anything. In the last party I've seen him in mid last year, he did say that he was working on his new album but that it takes time to find something good, and he had a certain style which he wants to ensure it continues in the new album.


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How about these singers, whatever happened to them?

Jermain Tamraz (USA)
Melis Ishaya (USA)
Rommel Shmalta (AUZZIE)
Albert Odisho (UK)
Albert Oscar Baba (USA)
Alexander (Zander) Daoud (USA)
Elizabeth Oshana (USA)
Enwia Shomon (AUZZIE)
James Hormis (USA)
Nedhal Hanna (USA)
Raymond Samuel (USA)
Ronnie Pero (USA)
Zaia Zodo (USA)
Edgar Zodo (LEBANON)


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Melis Ishaya (USA)- he still got a studio in chicago and he came out with a cd in 2003 and he just did 2 songs off that new album, new age singers 2006.

Edgar Zodo (LEBANON)- he's my uncle, marred to my moms sister. he lives in lebanon now and he dont sing no more. i think his bro zaia is in either cali or chicago?? i dunno but he dont sing anymore either.


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Edgar Zodo had 2 great records in the early & mid 80's, he also had great brother musicians in his records playing his songs.


george homeh has been playing violen for many years, his actually studied classical music something or other

lida lawando is in sydney theres a party coming up her and amo bet younan im pretty sure, i think its for valentines day

albert odisho doesnt sing anymore

enwiya shimon doesnt sing anymore, but word has it his working on something at the moment

mikhael nano doesnt sing either, he is battling a major illness

raymond samuel was around in the late 70s early 80s, wicked cassette!

ronnie piro, his in melbourne not usa, or maybe thats his brother george


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My dad got in contact with George Chaharbakhshi recently and apparently he does real estate now in Chicago.


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Raad Zaia still sings, but not as much (or at least he isn't sought for much). He lives in Sydney. He lives close to my suburb.

Any news on Jermain Tamraz? It's like she's vanished into thin air. No Facebook page, no concerts, no nothing. Can she please make an update on her life? We're fans and we want to know what's her situation like.