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What Should Assyriska Do


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Intresting Article about Assyriska It talks about the old men. So typical about our clubs that old men control it.

Who should Assyriska take instead?

Assyriska have not had it quite easy to train front in recent years.  Them we wanted to retain have tended to disappear, those who wanted to stop the Assyriska sent off. 

Conny Karlson had obviously been great for Assyrian, unfortunately realized Helsingborg to Conny can do a good job higher up and makes him both the coach and general manager.

It is not so much to do something, just to congratulate Conny to a better job with more pay and more home.
So, who is Assyriska take instead?

There are no easy answers to that question.  However, it is time for the Assyriska to decide what you want and then stick to it.  Assyrian, and for that matter, lots of clubs, becomes Blondinbella when to choose the coach.  We do not think about what you want, but go on a trend.  Now, Michael Stahre won national championships with AIK in his debut in Allsvenskan.  Expect, therefore, with a trend towards young and fresh, rather than experienced and reliable.

It's okay, sometimes is the right name too trendy.  But, a true Blondinbella have no patience, a true Blondinbella want to switch as soon as another month's flavor is, as soon as we lost two games in a row.

There is somewhere a little ironic that just as I was writing this I received email from eminent magazine Offside.  One of the chief editors, Henry Yst?n, has just been in Milan and met Assyriska former coach Jose Morais.  The story is brilliant and the bottoms of the Yst?n guarded Morais of Expressen's behalf when Morais trained Assyriska in headlines.

It is above all a piece of reportage that Assyriska will think about now when chasing new coach.  Morais told Yst?n about what it was in Assyrian, especially on the "old men": "...  all those old men!  They had an answer for everything, they said they could solve everything.  "We got it.  No problem.  We fix. "

This is the Assyriska power, but also Assyriska weakness.  Assyriska likes to fix and do it often.  The only problem is that the Assyriska gladly fix when not needed.

Morais was a typical fix.  Assyriska took a fun gamble, a gamble that we thought would be technical and offensive football.  However, Morais quickly realized that it was in force to bring order to the defense.  Failed and Assyriska did not use Morais contact - the club got itself.

I know that Assyriska have contact with Mario Jadonic, the former striker.  Mario has his own company for individual training and have taken their first step on the train -
banana.  I know that Assyriska somehow wants to keep G?ran Marklund.  I know that Edmond Lutaj is vacant.

It is an advantage that they can club, but it is actually a disadvantage.  Why should you "to" Lost?  It is unlikely that there will be many happy surprises otherwise.

The Assyriska should do is to choose carefully and then put gunpowder behind the initiative by writing at least a two-year contract, preferably three.  Then it will be less to "fix".