What Folk is it?Folks?


The song titled Zabnana d-Saleh (Basket Seller) recorded in 1981 by Sargon Gabriel and Linda George in their duet album, lyrics and music given as: ?Assyrian Folk?

However this kurdish folk story was edited and published by the Russian orientalist S. Mosylian for her dissertation. The story speaks of the purity, virtuosity and chastity of the kurdish man.

The song titled: Syamando (male name) recorded in 1988 by Juliana Jendo in her second album, lyrics and music written by Yatron Darmoo.

However this is a famous kurdish story titled Syamando son of the wild, which was written by the kurdish writer Dr. Mohamed Saed Ramthan. It was written describing the bravery of this kurdish worrier, probably because Syamando was responsible for killing Christian Assyrians in the many battles between the two groups. However what I can add is, what the Kurds today consider War Heroes, Assyrians consider War Criminals. So ask yourself? If Assyrian singers should sing about Kurdish War Criminals and their bravery?

Memo (male) and Zyn or Zyno (female) a Kurdish tragic lover?s story, written as poems by Sheikh Ahmed alkhany (known as prince of kurdish poets) written in 1591, later translated into Arabic. Zyno (she) was from a rich and ruling tribe while Memo was from lower class and poor, and was jailed by Zyn?s brother, which was the ruling prince of the region.

When it comes to the female name of Zyn or Zyno (which is kurdish name) there is no exact assyrian song that describes this exact story. However unfortunately it has influenced so much of Assyrian (folk) songs, take for example:
Janan Sawa?s Tambori album released in 1986 with song titled Zayno, music: folk and lyrics by Abraham Atou. Doesn?t get away from the story line of Memo Chasing Zyno, and wishing they would give her to him.

Later in album 18, another Zayno?ke song is released, Lyrics by Tam Gabriel, music: Delshad Nerwaey (a kurd) this time she is the daughter of Dohuk?s mayer (was he kurdish?) and also in 2002 he comes out with another Zayno song, music: folk and lyrics: Hani Mirza.

Of course there are tens of other (Assyrian) songs from Kurdish to Turkish from Nore Nore to Yousipco in which most of their lyrics are in kurdish, and their origin could also be Turkish.
Who can understand the lyrics to this (Assyrian) song titled, Darga Zen, by Marlin Khoshaba Vol.2-1988, lyrics & music both given as Folk?

In conclusion, if you open the book, Music Pearls of Bet Nahrain by Abboud Zeitoune, and browsing under Music (of our singers) you are going to notice the word Folk popping up a lot. But the sad part is we don?t even have Assyrian folk music! So what folk do they mean?folks?

by Moneer Cherie
hello friend?

what about nareeneh and men zomeh? are they assyrian folk? or created by someone?

i have asyyrian lyrics of these songs.. how can i translate them because i want to know what they want tell..