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What do you like about yourself?

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Angel2 said:
Miss lovemoon, can you send me a pic of yourself so I can see you clearly...........I don't understand why you hide yourself when you look like that
? ? :jawdrop:? ?:2hearts:
:ROFLMAO:I don't always look like that, khenaa you know in the pics sometimes we look good lol
I took this pic with my webcam that's why it's not clear? :angelnot:
Donya said:
I like the fact then I get turned on when I see nude hunks :giggle:

This is the best answer - very funny.

Me: that I'm very sensitive.  It's true, I can't stay in the sun for more than a few minutes.  I burn up like a fireman in the . . . what's that tall building called where the plane hit?


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i love how im a hard worker

im the laziest person ever.. but when it comes to doing work.. i put as much effort as i can into doing it  :mrgreen:

Crocodile Bani

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I don't listen to Assyrians and their advice.  I do my own thing.  Only Assyrians laughed at me when I went to Vanuatu and Japan.  It is me who has the last laugh.

Crocodile Bani

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I am actually embarrassed to admit I watch and enjoy Desperate Housewives.  It makes me sound desperate for a housewife.
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