What do you like about yourself?

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loool  :bigarmhug: :yourock:

Well at the moment i am liking the fact that my tummy is full & happy
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
FreeSpirit said:
i like that i always make the mess to keep u busy vala.  :mrgreen:
huni i never get off ur back till you clean your mess.. not that works  :ranting:

Its okay... i will accept that as long as you keep on going cooking for me  :bigarmhug:

Lindaaa what couch... if i was mad.. he would be sleeping on the floor  :beee: LOL... jk  :giggle:
la la he helps me alot.. but he is a guy.. and they gotta be messy sometimes lol
I have a full stomach... for this momentous moment in time, all is right with the world..  :blush2:
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