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USA v. Egypt


New member
What a game for the USA.  They finally realized what they needed to do and now they advance to the Semifinals.  Hilarious that they advance at the cost of Italy.  Could this day be any better?


New member

They finally started using their speed and agressiveness...  Especially Donovan. Bring on Spain next lol


Staff member
I still can't believe what just happened. America's luck and power of sports psychology from other sports in which they are superior, helped them.

Before the game started, USA had virtually no chance to make it.




Active member
OK.....this is so cool!  :ROFLMAO:

1. They thrash Egypt and their Islamic stupidity  :wavetowel:
2. They dump Italy out (i'm still pissed off about their game against Aus in 06 WC)
3. This would be the first time the USA did something to make me happy  :lol: