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I have a very reliable source about anything concerning  Robert Pattinson ...my little sister  :giggle: :giggle:

She was looking foward to New Moon...she's read all the books...shes completely turned off by this whole gay thing  :giggle: :giggle:

Movie comes out November yeah?


New member
You little sister sounds like a pretty awesome girl for liking Rob and the Twilight series. lol

I have read all the books too! Can't wait for the movies. I hope the do a better job than Twilight. From what i see from the set and all the pictures from the filming of New Moon it should be awesome! Eclipse will start filming right after New Moon.

New Moon is coming out November 20,2009 and Eclipse on June 30, 2010.

Rob isn't gay. Not that it matters really just as long as he does a good job playing Edward but he actually said in an interview that he was very uncomfortable filming all the sex scenes in Little Ashes. I think all the Twilight fans will not like what they will see Rob "do" in Little Ashes.  :lol: