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Turkey converts Hagia Sophia into a Mosque


Staff member
After being a museum for the last 100 years or so, Turkish court gave the green light for the Byzantine church to be turned into a mosque, after it was changed into a museum when the new Turkish Republic was established in 1923, following the collapse of the Ottoman rule.

I mean really, we all know Erdogan has no shame. But the least the world can do about this is to hit Turkey’s pocket book by boycotting their products and tourism in the country.

Did you know how much money Turkey generates from tourism every year? Close to $40 billion! If you can deprive the country of even a fraction of that , they will feel the pinch.

And to add insult to injury, spend your tourist money in neighbouring beautiful Greece instead!

Listen, I lived in Istanbul for 1 year and even visited Hagia Sophia, and it is simply a magnificent city. Of course , it has developed so much more and is even more beautiful now. But I can’t support a country that does this to one of Christians’ most holy and revered places, not saying much else for what they did to us Assyrians. That is a whole different topic.

Crocodile Bani

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The Turks, especially Erdogan have zero shame. He is the world's biggest hypocrite. His nation has relations with Ikhrael but then criticised the UAE for their "normalisation" agreement with Ikhrael. Always acts like a friend to Palestine but is in bed with the Ikhraelis.

The whole world has gone mad. Corrupt politicians everywhere you look but Erdogan is the standout hypocrite amongst them all.