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Truck Convoys in Canada and Australia.

Crocodile Bani

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The mainstream media, as always, either says nothing, or mis-represents these truckies and who/what they stand for. Countries as large as Canada and Australia won't stand a chance if the truckies stop delivering.

I support the truckies. They have more spine than the military. Their protests are non-violent. And they support freedom from these mandates.

The new trend that I am seeing in Australia is that many of these freedom rallies have speakers who are Christians. Not religious extremists, but Christians who want Australia to go back to its Christian roots.

I myself have joined in the anti-mandate protests here in Darwin. Draped in my Assyrian flag, I proudly march alongside Greeks and Serbs, as well as people draped in the Australian flag too.

End the mandates. Hands off our kids.