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Toronto's "Nineveh Star Soccer Team" Wins TSA Premier Division"


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Toronto's Nineveh Star Soccer Team is 2010 Champion of Toronto Soccer Association's Premier Division. With winning the championship the team is promoted to Ontario Soccer League's Central Regional Division. The "Ontario Soccer League's Central Regional Division" is considered probably as high as second division soccer league in ontario. It has many of the big teams in Ontario playing in good fields and stadiums.

This is the first time a team representing our people has advanced to such a good league. Nineveh Star Soccer Team played very well this year and started the season with one goal in mind, to win it all. Only shows that our people can excell in soccer "football" in North America, just like the big teams we have in Sweden. I trully believe that if the opportunity to advance up the ladder was similar to that of Sweden than you would have seen our players and teams do really well.

Thanks goes out especially to the players for making us proud. They accomplished what they set out to do. Congratulations to all.