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Top 10 Assyrian Songs


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Wait hi Im lost I thought you guys meant Albert Rouel.

Please if Ashur had a son do you think Id let you guys now. I woulda had Ashur Sargis Jr grand babies already  :giggle: Ashur just has a daughter and a granddaughter as well :)

But Mr. Albert Rouel has a mighty good looking son whose in his late 20s...he was playing the doombak at one of Alberts concerts or whatever.


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guys ill make uz a list

1. Naze - Janan Sawa
2. Zaia - Sargon Gabriel
3. Solte - Sargon Gabriel
4. Malek Khoshaba - Johnny Talia
5. Dalalee - Janan Sawa
6. Bratit Mam Oshana - Sargon Gabriel
7. Khetneleh Khlola Deye - Johnny Talia
8. Zaynoke - Moronlee - Janan Sawa
9. Kma Qaira Pokha - Ashur Bet Sargis
10. Khater Aynatoukh - Juliana Jendo
i can keep on going but u guys asked for top 10  :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel:


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look like ashur bet sargis and evan agassi are the top 2 assyrian singers off all time  :) they got the best lyrics i think thats why every one likes them even thogh agassi sold out lately he still a legend to me  :)
1. EVIN AGASSI  :wavetowel:
2.EVIN AGASSI    :wavetowel:
3.EVIN AGASSI     :wavetowel:
4.EVIN AGASSI     :wavetowel:
5.EVIN AGASSI     :wavetowel:
6.EVIN AGASSI    :wavetowel:
7.EVIN AGASSI  :wavetowel:
8.EVIN AGASSI   :wavetowel:
9.EVIN AGASSI   :wavetowel:
10.EVIN AGASSI   :wavetowel:

[[ BAS EVIN AGASSI!!]] :clap:



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Not really in any order:

1. Kekhweh Lajlejaneh - Evin Agassi
2. Atoor - Evin Agassi
3. Nora Aldiyana - Ashur Bet Sargis
4. Kuma O Khwara - Linda George
5. Chi Bayenakh - Ogin Bet Samo
6. Shenee Weron - Robert Sayada
7. Qalakh Ya Mokhebta - Sargon Gabriel
8. Wye Wye Minakh - Sargon Gabriel
9. Khoba Sharira - Elizabeth Oshana
10. Dizhmen - Evin Agassi