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This picture has caused quite the outrage for Assyrians online

I came across this a few days ago online and some people are losing their minds over it. I don’t know what the context is or been able to watch the video, other than what appears to be a mentally challenged young boy that the Assyrian patriarch Mar Awa is praying for to heal.

Obviously, the outrage and condemnation is over the fact that he was chained like a slave and thrown over the floor like an animal (I am paraphrasing what people are saying online).

I would like to mention that most of those who expressed this outrage - right or not- are Assyrian nationalist who haven’t stepped foot in a church in ages.

Let us discuss this in a respectful manner and not disrespect any religious authority please. I am just interested to hear your view on this, without knowing the full context here.

Thank you all and God bless

Crocodile Bani

Well-known member
The photo on its own is not enough to spark outrage, unless you are a left wing woke nutjob. A photo is not enough to give a context. Until one knows what is happening there, nobody is in a position to pass judgement.