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This man is stealing the show in Iraq during the 25th Gulf Cup!


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Iraq is currently hosting its first major tournament in over 40 years! Yes you read that right. Following the 8 year was with Iran in the 80s, then the invasion of Kuwait and the ensuing sanctions and international isolations, Iraq didn’t get a break as they had to deal with the U.S war and invasion in 2003, followed by over 15 years of insurgency, terrorism and near break-out of a civil war.

Finally, things are starting to look bright for the country, at least relatively speaking. This month, Iraqi coastal city of Basra is hosting the bi-annual Gulf Cup (alongside Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Yemen)

While this may not be a big deal of a tournament, for Iraq and the region it is huge and rich in culture and rivalries.

But no one has stolen the show during this tournament than a Brazilian man: his name is Jorvan Vieira, who coached Iraq to its first and only Asian Cup title, back in 2007 when Iraq was in its worst period of sectarian war and terrorist bombings etc. For a few weeks in July 2007, he brought a big smile to Iraqis by doing the impossible to bring this title to them. This easily eclipsed Iraq’s other big achievement, which was qualifying to the WC back in 1986.

In his first return visit to Iraq in a few years, he has been treated like literal royalty, being hosted by the Iraqi Football Federation, invited to big events including by some influential Iraqi tribal leaders in the south. In fact as the picture shows, he has so much love for Iraq, he never took off his Iraq map necklace since he left his coaching job with the country.

The irony is, the man is not even that popular to Brazilians or other NT fans. But in Iraq, his status is that of a divine coach, especially given the time in which he helped Iraq win that big title. So much so that a week before the final, as thousands of people took to the street to celebrate Iraq winning their QF match, there was a suicide number along a crowd in central Baghdad that claimed the lives of more than 40 people. And another bombing happened in the notary when people came out to celebrate winning the title, claiming another 25 individuals or more. He gave Iraq a glimmer of hope when they were living in the midst of literal fire and death.

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