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There is only one Ashur


New member
SENIOR Once again, Assyriska has given us a nice memory from J?nk?ping. This time, we even came home with three points because of our captain?s only goal on the game.

Everytime we see the injury list, we ask ourselves how on earth we have managed to get these points. It didn?t feel better when we saw the line up against J?nk?ping S?dra. There were more players that weren?t able to start. It felt like we were living in a parody. Mbye started as central defender as Pierre Bengtsson wasn?t available.  We would have a forward (Thorstensson) and a midfielder (Mbye) on the central defense. What could go right, you might ask yourself. Well, that is why we are not the managers and Rikard Norling is. Like Lamassu guarded the Assyrians in Ishtar gate, Thorstensson and Mbye protected Bahne from any attacks. They played fantastically, with determination and brutal tackles. Just the way I like it.

The match itself wasn?t probably the best we have seen as the pitches in Sweden aren?t playable because of the weather until? August.  There were a lot of long balls which the attackers from both sides couldn?t do much of. Instead the J?nk?ping players started to hug many of our Assyrian players. I am not sure if this was because they couldn?t catch them or if they were searching for love. The referee didn?t approve that behavior as he delivered seven yellow cards.

On the 83rd minute, the chance that we were waiting for came to our captain G?ran Ashur Marklund where no mistakes were made and Assyriska got their well deserved lead. J?nk?ping tried for the equalizing but weren?t close because, as mentioned previously, we had Mbye and Thorstensson on the defense.

The next game will be played against V?sby United on S?dert?lje Arena on Saturday 15th May at 4 pm CET.