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The upcoming Iraqi election : do you care


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The upcoming Iraqi elections will be held on 12 May 2018. This will be Iraq's 5th election since the 2003 toppling of the Saddam regime.

But do you care? if you look at the list of parties and faces running, it is not much different from the first election we had back in 2005. Really, almost identical. And last time I checked, although under current PM Abbadi, Iraq has been able to remove ISIS for the most part, the living situation of the Iraqi people is still the same if not going backward. Why? simple, because the government has stolen billions and billions in the last 15 years. Enough money to have literally elevated almost every Iraqi from the poor class to the middle class. Enough money to have fixed Iraq's infstarcture after decades of neglect from the war with Iran, the gulf war and years of terrorism and insurgency.

From watching Iraqi TV channels, Iraqis have never been more fed up. They are even fed up with the religious and sectarian parties who have been promising for years and have delivered nothing of value.

And then there is the Assyrian factor: will Assyrians vote as much as they did in previous elections? I have my doubt that we will have the same numbers. We are fed up too, because we haven't seen tangible results that could help us and our people back home, never mind achieving some form of autonomy for our people in the Nineveh Plain.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_parliamentary_election,_2018