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The return of the missing pieces


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SENIOR For those who have followed Assyriska this season, you have been familiar with the injury list that I have mention on almost every match report. Today it will be another melody, or as I like to call it, the Ceyhun Eris symphony.

Assyriska started with a starting line up we have not seen as many of the injured players made their anticipated comeback and season debut. Gustaf Segerstr?m, Rickard Jansson, Haris Laitinen made their first start of the season after being injured during the whole season. Our own Road Runner, Eddie Moussa has returned and Fredrik ?The Rock? Samuelsson made his comeback as well when he came on the second half. These were well anticipated comebacks that we have waited for.

Then, there is also one who is on everyone?s minds and lips when they discuss football, Ceyhun Eris. This player is from another league; better yet, he is from another galaxy when you see him wearing the Assyriska shirt in Nineveh Arena. His touch, his passes and his fantastic split vision keeps you wonder what Superettan in Sweden has done to deserve such an extraordinary player. Well, I do not know and will not complain, just enjoy every minute he blesses us with his football symphony. Whenever you ask yourself what else he can do, he shows his greatness. 

He did it this time against Ljungkile on the 28th minute when the visitors pressured Magnus Bahne and the new composed defence. Having the ball on the mid circle, Eris advanced and made a shot that seamed to go out but went in the right side of the post. He continued to deliver quality passes through the entire half, some of which should have resulted in giving Assyriska a double lead.

The second half started well for Assyriska. Segerstr?m saw Eddie make a run and crossed the ball over the Ljungkile defence. Eddie passed the defence and chipped the ball over the keeper which gave Assyriska the well deserved 2-0 lead. Ljungkile worked, most of the time via their best player Smedberg, for breaking the clean sheet. On the 70th minute, Ljungkile got the goal that they needed. With Pierre Bengtsson being sent off on the 82nd minute, it gave them the hope and strength to aim for the equalizing goal. The Assyriska players knew the importance of not loosing further points and worked together as if it was the last game. It ended well and Assyriska are back in the game.

The next game is the S?dert?lje Derby against SFC on 13th June at 18:30. If you cannot make it to the arena, you have the possibility to watch it on TV4 Sport or on C Sport (www.csport.se)

Isak Betsimon



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Good news to hear our players back again to our team expecialy next game will be against SFC and we have 2 weeks more so hope to get most players who's injuried ready for the next game which i consider it as final game as usual,both teams has they same points 14 in leauge so it's gona be a battle for 3 points not only socer game,

Guys just want to tell you this,

My couzin from Sweden here in Aus for visit and one of her couzin in Sweden sent to her link through facebook in chat window,she just click on it and she was watching live game of last game of Assyriska when we won 2 - 1 about 2 days ago,i asked her wats the link or how do you watch the game live,she said she got it from her couzin and she only clicked on that link and she was on watching,do you know guys anything about this thing,