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The best Wedding of the 21st Century


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This Wedding Clip is one of my favorites....This definitely has to be the Wedding of the 21st Century....

The weird thing about it, is that the Groom looks so familiar to me..... Seriously, have we met before? and even more, I am seeing so many AVNers in the video too... I wonder who this is :rolleyes:😇

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1opzLe3jxe0
Me, Assyrian Bookta & Ninos @ the 5:40 mark :love:

That was such a fun wedding!!! Ashoor's biggest mistake was putting a bottle of wine on each table. I drank the whole thing by myself (I would die if I tried that now lol) and let's just say the 2 hour drive home the next day was the worst :sick::sick: