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tattoo ideas please!


New member
Hey guys

It's that time again where i crave the next tattoo! Im going for some major work on my chest/shoulder and arm. Kind of a half sleeve.

I am having an Alaha Ashur in it as well as the flag... BUT I want some "filling" in it as well instead of just these pictures. I dont want tribal because that is so 90s  :giggle:

Any ideas? I also don't wanna it all about our culture. I want something musical and/or family orientated. I am also having a dove which is the symbold of my grandfather with the words "your memory is never passing" ... dunno if i want it in english or not yet

Josh  :shades:


New member
what about music notes of your favorite song swirling around the main pics?  It would be cool if people came up to you and started singing the song after seeing your tattoo haha