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Syrianska beats Assyriska


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In a match attended by some 5000 spectators, the 'S?dert?lje Derby' end in a 2-0 victory for Syrianska over Assyriska in the first division Swedish league (Superettan)

Unfortunately, after this loss, Assyriska is now second last in the league standing and could be relegated to the second division Swedish league. 2 seasons ago, they had made it to the Swedish super league (Allsvenskan) but were relegated the year after.

Match details: http://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2014/05/25/sweden/superettan/assyriska-foreningen/syrianska-fc/1623728/?ICID=PL_MS_05



mrzurnaci said:
don't care, we have 2 great football teams.
It's still too early for relegation, the team still has a lot of time to recover

We don't have 2 great teams, Syrianskafans absolutely hate the Assyrian name and identity.
Roughly a week ago, we beat Syrianska 0-2 !!!  :yourock: :yourock:

Assyriska played flawlessly for once and the motivation is highest right now due to fear of relegation.


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Neta1991 said:
Syrianska FC is also our team and it doesnt matter if they hate the assyrian identity or not.....
You should tell that to their mindless uneducated fans who thinks that suryoyo/suraya means Aramean