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Syriac writing


New member
Is the syriac writing unique? Arabic writing is the same so l wouldnt see it unique, but then l am not sure. Maybe If its unique we shouldn't change it to latin


New member
Syriac, Hindi, Arabic, Korean and Chinese scripts are all unique in their own ways. Latin and Cyrillic aren't, because they're similar to the Greek script.

We can alternatively use Latin though. What's important is the language, not the script. So if you speak Assyrian but write it in Latin you're good.

The Syriac/Aramaic languages are far from unique. They're closely related to Arabic and Hebrew and share cognates, even with other Afro-Asiatic languages. So all the Assyrians being proud of our "unique" and distinct" language must educate themselves, because our language has a lot of close relatives, even close Aramaic languages. The good thing about our language is that it's really ancient, but that's about it. I envy those who speak language isolates (Basque, Korean, Sumerian) - Now they can be proud of their languages. I hope we spoke Sumerian and kept it alive until today.