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Supporting Iraq and why it's wrong.


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KingA said:
If we get an autonomy in Kurdistan will be better than an Iraq without any status to us. Of cours an independet Assyrian will be the best one, but it is not realistic to happen in near future.
Ya, I can see that happening too. :(
All this is so stressful.


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TerrenceMalick said:
I agree. Although some may take offence to this, but I don't and never have identified as Iraqi. I'm not. I was born in Australia to Assyrian Christian immigrants from Iraq. I'm not of Iraqi descent, nor are my parents, nor were my grandparents. I am of Assyrian descent. And for the love of God, I am not Arab.

I've never supported the Iraqi team and never will. I support my country, Australia.
I agree.

Although I will "support" the Iraqi team if it's playing with many other countries. Just not Australia, where I'll go for them.