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Sold out CD's


New member
Ok people i need your help, i have been online searching for certain CD's (Sargon Youkhana, Talal Graish) i went on Assyrian market and did some google search and i can't seem to find any Cd's that are in stock. Do you know of any website i can purchase them? I have gone to Ankawa website to listen to them when i am at home, but i want to play the CD's in my car and i can't locate any other places that aren't sold out. Any suggestions will be helpful... Thanks in advance :)


Staff member
Yes, AssyrianMarket.com is not being updated with new albums.

You can also try https://www.wawallap.com

iTunes seems to have more and more Assyrian singers, so I would check that.

And finally, not sure where you live (Chicago I am assuming) real stores have the latest collection of music albums.