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Pumpkin said:
So sleepless in seatle ay, great movie  :ranting:
La krob,  you can only talk about the movie so much. Yani its not a classic  :lol:

so Knight where were we  :shades:


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Dont u just love the part when she sees the heart light up on the Empire State building. Then she runs there and she doesnt see him and then he appears...awwwwwwww  :2hearts:



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Indeed one of the worst & most boring romantic films I?ve ever seen. Not only was it too far-fetched & unrealistic, but they dissect the concept of love so much that it loses any appeal it might have potentially had.


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I love Sleepless in Seattle. I never get bored of the movie.

"I knew I loved you before I met you"......Hmm.