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Six protesters killed amid unrest in Iraq’s Kurdistan region


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Looks like the relative peace in Iraq’s northern region is being tested, after people got fed up with KRG corruption and the latter’s inability to pay salaries on a regular basis, and the economic instability in the region.

The central government secretly likes what they are seeing because it will ensure the KRG has to rely on them and not go it alone when it comes to big plans and decisions. In fact, the KRG has reached an agreement with the central government to hand over oil revenues in exchange for funds.


BAGHDAD: The toll from protests against northern Iraq's Kurdish authorities has risen to six dead, medics and officials said Tuesday, as rage swells over delayed public sector salaries and pay cuts.

After a first protester was shot dead in the town of Chamchamal, in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Kurdistan Region, on Monday afternoon. Another two demonstrators died overnight in deadly rallies in two other districts, according to a local official and the Baghdad-based Iraqi Human Rights Commission.

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