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Signatures must be 600 pixels in W x 200 pixels in H


Staff member
If your signature has been edited, or you are trying to get a new signature, make note of the following from our Terms of Use

13- Signatures must be 600 pixels in width x 200 pixels in height. Members ignoring this rule will be warned/suspended.

Of course, if your signature is off by a few pixels, we may let it go.

This rule has been in place since 2005, and I hope people understand and not get frustrated when we change/remove their signature.

-If you need help resizing it, you can use any photo editing software to scale your signature, or you can ask me (ASHOOR) for help, and I will be more than glad to resize for you.

Sometimes your signature may be left and not edited, even if it exceeds the allowed size. That is because we either didn't see it, or are hoping that you change it eventually.

As to why we are doing this: well this is something followed by most forums, and not just our forums. It is to speed things up, avoid unnecessary scrolling, and taking too long for a page to load due to a big signature.

Thank You,