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Saint Odisho Church Christmas party.


New member
For all you Chicagoans out there, it's that time of year again!! Saint Odisho Church is having it's annual Christmas party!

When: January 11, 2014
Where: White Eagle banquets
Price:  adult $30($35 at the door)
            Child $15 ($20 at the door)

Singers will be Janan Sawa and Talal Graish! You don't want to miss the party of the year!! Hope to see many famiir faces there!! xoxoxo


Staff member
Two good singers! Should be fun.

Lots of good parties here in Toronto as well, for the new year though. Not sure for Christmas/



New member
Ashoor they are great singers I must agree!

Thanks FBI PRINCESS! Hope you can make it! :-D we appreciate each and every person tht comes to the parties, a big thanks to them!!


New member
Fallen Angel i never miss the Mar Odisho Christmas Party, im a member there and love the hard work that the youth club does every year to make it one of the best christmas parties ever.... I will see you there....