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Results for Assyriska teams in 2011

Free_Assyria said:
racist swedes? did something happen?
A lot of Swedes don't like that there's so many immigrants in Sweden right now.

Before the play-off on a poll around 85% wanted Syrianska to be relegated. People had no other reason to want that besides Syrianska being an immigrant team. They have more fans than the other team, usually plays a more attarctive football, etc.

When Syrianska won the game the biggest headline from the game on Sweden's largest newspaper website was not that they had won but that a supporter tried to enter the field when Syrianska scored 1-0. The supporter was stopped by security before even stepping a foot on the field. Of course they focused on the bad things after the game as well (I don't blame them, more people will read the articles when it's about immigrants doing something bad).

The media was the same when Assyriska was in the highest division as well.

How they would hate two immigrant teams in their highest division :blush2:
Free_Assyria said:
dont have face book, sorry.

I didnt understand this
"We who are bothered that SFC & AFF fans are against each other"
It's a Facebook page someone created. People who are bothered that Assyriska and Syrianska fans are against each other (because we're the same people) can like that Facebook page.