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Results for Assyriska teams in 2011

It hasn't been the best season for the biggest team but some others are making big progress.

Assyriska FF (Sodertalje) - They have a good chance of not being relegated from the second highest division.

Assyriska BK (Gothenburg) - They took second place in the fourth highest division of Sweden (only first place goes to third highest division). They improve each season. The Syriacs that call themselves Assyrians population in Gothenburg is large.

Assyriska KF (Norrkoping) - Ended a little lower than the middle of the table in the fourth highest division of Sweden.

Assyriska FF Youth (Sodertalje) - Managed to not get relegated from Sweden's fifth highest division.

FC Assyriska (Orebro) - Placed fourth in the sixth highest division.

Assyriska IK (Jonkoping) - They are currently qualifying to advance to the sixth highest division and they won their first qualifier game with 8-1 so it's going good.

Assyriska FK United (Sodertalje) - Managed to not get relegated from Sweden's seventh highest division.

Assyriska FC (Vasteras) - They took first place in the eighth highest division of Sweden. Will play in seventh highest next season.


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Assyriska BK in Gothenburg is going to be the best team in about 2-3 years I promise you that , Assyriska FF have lost everything they are so bad right now and they dont care
I also think that BK could take over in a few years.

Feels like FF have gone away from their style. In the past their playing style, tactics, and mentality was different from other Swedish teams. More foreign. Now they're just like another Swedish team. Long balls and no technique. The current players don't have the fight/pride in them like Syrianska FC either.


New member
from top of the league to fighting relegation, every fuking season.
What kind of decisions are the board making? I was there mid this
year talking to fans they all had nothing buthate towards for current board.

the board don't know shit about football.

they have brought in many expensive "name players" who are past their prime in recent years. Same mistake over and over.

I'm almost crying thinking about the old days with Christos Cristoforidis & co.


New member
Assyriska is **** right now I think we are going to lose last game and play in Div 1 next year because these player are so bad, and our board is a joke!

Tihe Suryoye!


New member
i don’t understand why they haven’t got rid of Mohammed in the back line, he has caused three goals this year because of his stupid mistakes.

And isn’t the president a fairly new one? same with the coach.

why don’t the stakeholders get rid of the current board?

this is a outrage. I travelled all the way from Australia to sweden to watch these guys lose.


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Thats true Mbye has caused many mistakes but believe me the whole team is shit! I feel sorry for you that you traveled all the way from Australia you should have come in 2008-2009 when we were great!

This board is the same from 2010, both seasons 2010 and 2011 are horrible seasons! its obvious that this board dosent know any ****! trust me everyone wants to get rid of this **** board


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Hammarby and Jonkoping are both playing teams that are fighting for a automatic promotion spot, and we play a team that has won 1 game all season. There are no words to explain it if we end up getting relegated.