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OK guys, lets make some use out of this board..

Are you currently doing research? If so..

what school and program?
what's your thesis?
Do u enjoy it?

I'll start..

what school and program?  UWO- Physiology and Pharmacology
what's your thesis? The temporal and spatial localization of the Stannniocalcin receptor in the developing rainbow trout embryo
Do u enjoy it? umm if my supervisor wasn't so bipolar, maybe I would of enjoyed it more? He's making me loose all hope in the scientific world. I'm on the fence about research. It is soooooooo stressful!

Oh and this isn't for a master's or PhD program, its just my 4th year research project for my undergrad

PLEASE share your experience  :)


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JujU said:
:blush2:....... :bigarmhug:

In all seriousness, a lot of respect for you for pursuing a career in the medical field especially knowing how to pronouce, understand the meaning and soon to put into practice those words.

I agree keep it up! :)

I'll tell you what I'm taking in school lol MECHANIC :|