Post pictures of what you are eating?


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It is ironic that I am creating this thread because I have personally never posted a picture of what I am eating to any social network. But since this is a popular social activity lately, I thought we should do the same here.

the rules are simple: post a picture of what you are eating and think is worth sharing, be it an Assyrian fish at home, a restaurant meal or some recipe you came up with. Please try to caption or tell us a bit about what you are posting or its significance etc.

Since I am starting this, I will humbly go first! This is one of my favorite dishes: Fish and Chips (halibut in this case). Had this at a Wimpy’s Diner while in Huntsville (Muskoka Cottage country in Ontario)

Our thanksgiving meal this year. No turkey as you can see. Instead, we ordered Iraqi/Assyrian combo plate. Can’t beat the price, taste or even size. This was from Sommer restaurant on Albion road, east of Highway 27.

It has been a while since I posted here


Amazing Salmon Power Bowl dish I had at Boston Pizza recently .
I finally tried it! The Egg Burger from Hero Burgers! I have been wanting to try this for ages and finally got around to it and I love it! It tasted exactly as I thought and I would try it again. Picture is not very clear, but it was large in size.