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Poetry Writing Service



Hi Everyone.

How are you all doing today? I hope you're doing great!

I have added a "services" section to my writers page on Facebook because I want to start writing beautiful original poetry for those who are interested in this for themselves or a loved one. Perhaps mom would love a poem before Mother's Day? :)

Also, I have this idea to write short stories or biographies of regular people's lives to give to their children/grandchildren. These days I'm full of ideas. :)

I'm starting to share these ideas on social media. The thing is, we all have to give our dreams a shot, don't you think? Every author, poet, creative writer started out as a regular human being. Some become famous and some don't but they all usually start in the same place. My message today is don't give up on your dreams... I'm certainly going to try my best not to give up on mine...

I tried to add a calendar to my writers page on Facebook so that people can book a call with me on WhatsApp to talk about the poems they would like written, but I haven't figured it out yet because I'm still trying to link the appointments to my google account.

Please be patient with me. I'll figure it out.

However, in the meantime this is my Linktree link, TikTok page, and my WhatsApp number.



With my best wishes...

Abbey Mikha (Dalale)
Windsor, Ontario
Facebook Writer Page: https://www.facebook.com/abbeymikha
Email: <storiespoemsandmemories@yahoo.com>
WhatsApp for business: 1-519-890-6503