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Player Contract in Assyriska


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Yes its true (except its Swedish Kroners and not USD that they get paid in). Their budget is approximately $1.6 million USD. Do you see why they need our help financially?

It still surprises me to see how little they reach out to us in North America to help them. Ah well, the Assyriska boom didn't happen until they advanced to the Swedish Cup finals and then to Allsvenska. It was only a few years ago. It takes time to grow into a strong club. I'm sure they will reach us soon enough.

Just to compare Assyriska's Salary vs other players in 2009:

Kaka: $12,474,000.33 USD

Ronaldinho: $11,808,720.32 USD

Frank Lampard: $11,309,760.30 USD

John Terry: $11,309,760.30 USD

Fernando Torres: $10,977,120.29 USD


David Beckham made in 2008-2009: $47,955,601.29 USD

Nice eh?!


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Westassyrian said:
Yes Assyriska need every Assyrian help. Club 1974 is there for everyone who wants to help us to reach Allsvenskan again!

"everyone" that lives in Europe. Our credit cards are no good to them, we have been stressing this to them for years now it?s their loss.