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Anyone here every written the PCAT?

any tips would be more than appreciated! Since Canadian schools don't require the PCAT (except: Univ. of British Columbia which is on the other side of the country), I don't have any resources or prep course or anything like that. All I have is the Kaplan prep book.. i hope that enough  :blink:

Help please!

My test date is Oct. 20  :help:

and i'm having some serious ADD issues today.. I thought I would share that with you all  :mrgreen:
I am assuming you mean the Test to get into Pharmacy school????  In the US the PCAT is used as one of the requirements to get into pharmacy school.  MCAT = test to get into med school.  Let  me know


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never heard of it, but here's what i found with a little help from google  :lol:



good luck
Well Im a pharmacist so if you have any questions let me know.  Are you applying to schools in the US or Canada??  I remember taking the test umm 7 yrs ago.  Its mostly Biology or chemistry questions.  I think you have a section on English but can't remember.  Don't stress over it like the MCAT.  The PCAT is weighed that much for pharmacy schools.  As long as you do Average or better and get No lower then B's in your science classes (Bio, chem, organic chem) then you should get in.  If you get a C in any of those classes Retake the class. Hope that helps.  Good luck


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ok so i wrote the exam! its over and done with!

5 HOURS oufff with one 10 min break.

persiancuttie.. i think it changed since u wrote it..

reading comprehesion
essay (2 of them)

i'm angry that the prep book i bought didnt cover all the material i needed to know!!!! but i recalled everything from my past courses thank God!

if anyone plans on taking this test and wants to know about it... u know who to ask!



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persiancutie1980 said:
Well Congrats on finish taking the test.  Im sure you did good.  Have you started to apply to schools yet??  Which ones? Any in the US?

umm i'm applying 4 canadian ones.

American Ones:
- Perdue- my 1st cousin is a freshman there so that would be great if i got in there!
- Univ. of Michigan (ann arbor)- BEAUTIFUL cammpus.. and its a great school! Its my first choice.
- Midwestern
- Univ of Illinois in chicago
- and i know there is one more.. but i can't remember.
Honestly.. there are so manyy in the US but alot of them are racist against canadians lol

AND IF DONT GET IN.. i'm going to bomb these schools.. lol joking.. but my last resort is England. Which would be a great experience! See Europe at the same time.

I'm praying and studying.. not much more I can do I guess.


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thank you Maria!

and goodluck with ur studies too!

Persiancutie.. do u like being a pharmacist? are u a clinical pharmacist or do u work in a community pharmacy?


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awww mernoke i hope the exam went very very gooood  :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

you diserve it , you work so hard

Yes overall I like pharmacy.  Its a really good profession especially for women b/c you can work full time or part time and be able to raise a family.  You can also get a job anywhere as long as you have a license.  There is always something new to learn b/c new drugs and drug therapy is always changing.  But like all jobs it can get stressful depending on where you work and when.  Flu season is really busy.  I am always busy during flu season.  Ummm and sometimes Doctors, Nurses and yes patients can be difficult.  I currently work Community but I am trying to find a hospital to work part time at so I can have experience in both.  Have you ever worked in a pharmacy????  If not I recommend maybe working like part time or couple days a week to get experience.  If you work as a Tech you will know what your getting into.  I hope you get into one of the schools in the US  Good Luck,  Keep us updated  Post or IM me if you have anymore questions