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Hey guys, I recently tried the free trial of www.newspaperarchives.com and I tried to search as many pages as possible about Assyrians. In this thread, I will post anything I find;


BAGDAD, Iraq, Aug. 13.?(A.P.)
?Killing of more than 600 Assyrian
Christians in conflicts with the
Kurds and the Iraq forces in northern
Iraq has climaxed an international
situation In which Great
Britain, as the former mandatory
power over Iraq, has been moved to
take a hand.
Bodies to the number of 315 have
been found at the village of Slmel
and 300 more discovered in different
places in the vicinity of Dccuk, following
Kurdish raids on Assyrian
The British government offered
an asylum in Cyprus to the Assyrian
leader, Mar Shimun, who with his
father and brother was deported
today by Hie Iraq government. It
was- charged he was responsible for
a recent Assyrian outbreak which
led to the fighting.
British Take Hand
Sir Francis Humphry*, the British
envoy, is hurrying back to his
post from a holiday In Europe and
diplomatic quarters are energetically
seeking to straighten out the
situation as speedily as possible.
King Felsal had planned to return
to Europe today to resume a cure in
Switzerland, but upon urjent British
representations he decided to
remain in Bagdad.to await the nrrlval
of. Sir Francis and, presumably,
to. learn the outcome of an
Investigation Into charges ol massacre,
against Iraq troops and Kurd- '
ish. irregulars'. ' The London government
is urging such an Investigation
be "held.' ''
It; has been charged the Kurds
massacred--hundreds .of -Assyrians,;
of whom; the Kurds are the trad I-'
tlonal enemies. But the official'Iraq
.contention is the 'Assyrians'were
killed in a. battle after a group of
them-crossed the Tigris a fortnight
ago and wiped 'out a force of Iraq
Shlrnun Deported
LONDON7, Aug. IS.? (A.P.)?
Authoritative quarters said today
Mar Shimun, Assyrian leader, had
been deported from Bagdad on an
order Issued by the Iraq government
in the belief he was responsible
for the recent Assyrian
A few weeks ago 1,303 Assyrians
participated In an nrmed incursinii
into Iraq which resulted In
tho killing of a number of Iraq
troops. The London Daily Mai!
estimated that in retaliation 500
Assyrians In northern Iraq have
been massacred.

Janesville Daily Gazette?
Thursday, March 25, 1915 Janesville, Wisconsin



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wow this is one great idea bro, keep it coming.

The fact that we can track to as old as beginning of this century, or even last century, is amazing.



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If you pick up the Donabed brothers' book (aas.net) they have archived the Assyrians of the new England area, and also in Sargon Donabed's first book, "Remnants of Heros" written a couple years ago - also has reprinted visa applications by Assyrians from Turkey.

As their city/country of origin, these Assyrians wrote:  "Harput, Assyria".

It's cool.

PS - the Donabed boys are only 28 and 26 :)  Sargon is getting his PhD in Syriac and Aramaic Language and Literature from the U of Toronto.


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waleeta, that is so interesting and I actually have seen Sargon here in Toronto. He has blue eyes if I am not mistaken.
I plan to buy his book one day.



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ASHOOR said:
waleeta, that is so interesting and I actually have seen Sargon here in Toronto. He has blue eyes if I am not mistaken.
I plan to buy his book one day.


Yes and his brother Ninos has green :) 


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This letter was send to Gerard Fort, the US president that just died. It goes on for pages, but read about how many Assyrians and Nestorians are killed

Sun, The?
Tuesday, September 03, 1974 Lowell, Massachusetts

Look at this. More then 120 years old, talking about probably the first assyrians in america
Lima Democratic Times, The?
Monday, January 23, 1888 Lima, Ohio



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I dont understand why they have Greek names.
Sunday, October 28, 1917 Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette 


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Crazy Assyrian mother. Wow this happened 105 years ago.

Nashua Reporter, The?
Thursday, October 03, 1901 Nashua, Iowa

yet another crazy Assyrian woman

Middletown Times Herald 
Saturday, April 18, 1936 Middletown, New York


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Beautiful post...Thank you.

I once also got some archives of dutch papers in 1915 which mentioned that turks were killing our people (seyfo).
I'll try to find it and post it here.


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Sunday 27 august 1933 Het vaderland



The expedition against the Nestorians

The return of the troops from Bagdad
Yesterday morning the Iraqi troops from Bagdad, which were sent to punish the Nestorian Assyrians, who from Syria tried to invade Iraq , returned back to Bagdad. Reuter reports, they are with great enthusiasm welcomed. The whole city celebrated it with excitement. Thousands marched infront of the troops and shooted: We have accomplished our mission, while they sang and danced. The traffic was stopped for a couple of hours. It is said that Bagdad never got as excited as this moment.


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Wednesday 12 februari 1936 Het vaderland


The shelter of the Assyrians in Syria

Reuter report yesterday from London.
In the House of Lords the issue of the settlement of the Assyrians in the Ghabdistrict has been brought to attention by the archbishop of Canterburry, which pointed out that in total still 180.000 ponds should be colllected for this goal.
The churchleader said he is wants to appeal to the public and form a commission for this goal, if the goverment will give her approval.
The secretary of Foreign affair said, even if the goverment don?t feel obligated to? colonise these Assyrians, they have? decided to give the? Union of Nations the ammount of money, on the conditions that Iraq will donate the same ammount of money, which Iraq agreed to do.
But still there?s a gap in the totale costs of 180.000 pond which only can be filled by private charity. The goverment will ask the public for donation and hopes that this lead to a succes.
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