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New Album Release


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For those who love their Rock music... I'm not talking Screaming and shouting crap... Im talking old school!


Newest Album Entitled "AS ONE" will be released On Itunes, HMV and the .com site on SEPTEMBER 11TH...


Scheduled tour dates:
Preview Launch - Greenbelt Christian Rock Festival - Aug 27th
Preview Launch - Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Aug 28th
Official Launch - Sept 11th - JBs Brit Rock Festival - Dudley/Birmingham - Headlining slot

European and Asian Tour dates as well as the FULL UK dates to follow after all is confirmed!

There are talks of a few American Tour dates coming up with a few bands i bet you will all know but that will all be revealed later  :shades:


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the_dave said:
cool man :D do you have any samples of your songs?

music videos will be made and the album samples will be up on the website the same time as the album is released... to make you want to buy it ;)


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Just browsed youtube and found some of your stuff. Sounds like Iced Earth influenced you guys making it sound most definitely old school.. decent stuff matey, I'm more partial to death metal and prog, but its not bad. Get in touch if you're coming to London in the future.