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My killer podcast idea that will seriously challenge radio!


Staff member
For as long as I can remember, we have been hearing how podcasting will kill radio (especially AM Radio) but it has yet to happen.

But I have had this idea for an app which does have the potential to seriously challenge radio as we know it. Something similar to this may already exist but I don’t know where and by who?
The app would basically work like a radio, in that it would have different podcasts playing at different times. For example, at 12 to 1 PM everyday, you turn on the app and you get Joe Rogan. At midnight, you get to hear a paranormal show and so on.

And more importantly or hopefully, these shows would be live and not recorded (if that is even possible?) - but this is not an important feature for podcasting since a lot of editing is involved before an episode is released online.

The way to determine which podcast show occupies which time slot is dependent on listenership. The more audience you have, the better the time slot you get.

Weekend programming can be filled by lesser known podcasts or be geared towards less mainstream topics that don’t get coverage throughout the week.

As to who determines the scheduling etc? While I already mentioned it would all be based on listenership, the app owner would work on scheduling, negotiating time slots etc.

You will literally have 24 hour of fresh programming, 7-days a week.

If you haven’t figured out the main difference between my idea and what currently exists,It is that things are mostly manual and you have to play and look for the podcasts yourself. Other than the notification of new podcasts etc, there is little automation that makes it close to radio as we know it. With this app, you just open the app, click the play button, and it starts playing the podcast programming in schedule. You can leave it there all day long and it will keep playing the programming according to schedule.
You can even make it so that if you have a specific interest (say sports) , then the app can tailor to your interest and play sports podcasts (with listenership still the determining factor of what plays at which time (i.e Adrian Woj would get a prime time spot over a podcast for someone with just 1000 listeners)

What do you think of this idea? Would it make podcasting more fun and easier to listen to, since it would be mostly automated based on podcast popularity and your interest in different topics.