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Messi and CR7’s legendary longevity


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Love him or hate him, Messi’s (and CR7) longevity is simply amazing.

To have played in the 2007 CA and still make it back here 14 years later, having never missed a single CA, is nothing short of spectacular. Even better, he played in the 2006 WC as an 18 year old. Unlike our coach (Dunga) who had the chance to take 18 year old Neymar (or 20 year old Ganso) but of course he takes neither one. You never know what they could have done or the experience they would have gained and taken with them in the future.

Think about how many players have come, won titles, and gone, and Messi is still playing abd will likely continue to for another few years. For Brazil? Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Adriano were all done by 30! Sure, they won a lot more than Messi can dream of with the NT, but the point is about longevity and not titles.

Not here to jinx either one, but how is it possible that between the two combined and it too count the Olympics and Confederation Cup, CR7&Messi have played a combined 22 tournaments over a 17 year span! That is insane, considering that they have also had a long and gruelling career with their respective clubs.

Messi: 6 CA, 4 WC, 1 Olympics
CR7: 5 Euro, 4 WC, 1 Olympics, 1 CC

Let us take Neymar in comparison:
-2010 WC: as an 18 year old, could have gone but was denied by the coach
-2015: he makes it , but is cut short due to stupid behaviour
2019: injured

Again , you guys know me better and would be the last one to declare Messi in the GOAT debate, but if there is something I can safely and easily say about these two guys, it is their legendary longevity. If someone ever writes a book about this topic in the future , I will be the first to buy it, because I want to know the secret. Yes we know they spend a lot of money on their body, but I am sure there is more to it than that.

Crocodile Bani

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There are various reasons, but you practically answered your own question in your last sentence. Players like Ronaldinho, Romario and Maradona were magicians on the pitch but party animals off the pitch. All 3 had bad relationships with their club coaches (and with Romario, also his national coaches) due to straying off the path. Cristiano Ronaldo is very disciplined off the pitch. He takes training and diet very seriously. You saw that press conference where he removed the 2 bottles of coke.

There is also the question of passion and ambition. Both players are ambitious and don't get tired of winning. It will be interesting, now that Messi has finally won something for Argentina, will we see the same determination, or will he have nothing to play for, now that he has achieved the one thing that was missing in his career?

It will be a sad day when they retire. They have both been phenomenal players. Before you ask, I put Cristiano Ronaldo slightly ahead of Messi, but I have also watched more of Cristiano Ronaldo so I am a little biased. Either way, fantastic players.


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I'm not a soccer person, but I really do respect Messi and Ronaldo as great players of our time. I find it really funny when Real Madrid and Barcelona fans make fun of their opponent players (reminds me of the whole Biden/democratic vs Trump/republican thing in a way Lmao). We should admit that both have their great qualities, and we should acknowledge it as well.