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Mesopotamian Night, August 15, Modesto


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It's that time of year!  The 3rd annual Mesopotamian Night, sponsored by the AAS-Central Valley Chapter, will be held on August 15th at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, CA.  Last year's show was really an amazing success.  Even those who were not fans of classical music were really blown away by what they saw.  It really is quite a historic show as we bring the story of Qateeni to the stage. Singers Leda Lawando and Emmanuel Bet-Yonan will also be performing.

Please come and enjoy a unique evening filled with beautiful music, and help support our people in atra.  

For tickets you can download the reservation form here:  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_CQppvEi7Qwo/Sf8rXVHXdfI/AAAAAAAAAG0/yLpn4FTYtx0/s1600-h/Reservation+Form.jpg or pay directly at Gallo's website here: http://www.galloarts.org/Events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1144

For more information, visit our blog at: http://www.mesopotamian-night.org/2009/06/mesopotamian-night-2009-press-release.html or call us at (209) 985-4788

To watch a video interview of the upcoming event: http://www.mesopotamian-night.org/2009/07/video-clip-from-aasa-tv-about.html

To learn more of the epic of Qateeni: http://www.mesopotamian-night.org/2009/07/qateeni-gabbara-william-daniels-legacy.html