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Kingston University Homecoming Craze


Staff member
Have you guys heard of Kingston University's annual homecoming party? this is an annual celebration, held every October, celerating the students return to school and their campus.

This is not your usual partying: the students become khmareh, drinking like crazy, and smashing police girls, girls flashing every part of their body possible, cars getting smashed and flipped and so much more.

In 2005, it got so out of hand, entire police units were called from around the city to restore order.

This party has made Kingston's reputation, one of the worst amongst Can. universities.

Has anyone heard of witnessed this? Shami, meroona, or anyone else?



New member
my university is known for its partying and craziness. I have yet to experience it and I never want to. I stay away from those scenes. I've heard tons of stories.

lol anyone remember the "saugeen stripper".. it made front page of the toronto star I remember. Well i never read it but it was all over campus.


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Shami... I wish I went to a smaller school like Brock.

I love UWO and its a great school with a great academic reputation but you really have to be an aggressive competitive person to do well. I learned that lesson the hard way in first year. My classes averaged 800 students in one lecture! No wonder my average from high school to first year suffered! I think I almost hit depression by Christmas and I was ready to drop out. I went from one of the top of my class to mediocre.
On a happier note.. I survived UWO lol minus the party girl reputation! yay me! hahaha

I remember my first year at UWO.. I used to go to the Grad Club (restaurant/pub at school) where its an older crowd and some proffs go there too. I went there in the mornings because i had a break between classes. Anyways, so St. Patty's day came and I didn't know that it was St. Patty's day. At 9:30am, i see freaks drinking something green and foamy and dressed funny. At 9:30am and drunk? ughh i was a confused 1st year student.