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Khalid Ya Khalid: what a hell did I just watch?


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What a hell did I just watch? haha. Catchy words and music but a little cheesy. But at least I know what the subject is about, the famous and late Khalid Froggy! (Was that his title if I remember correctly?)

View: https://youtu.be/SRnpels7H1I

Bani, do you know this singer or song? 😂


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Here is some context


Crocodile Bani

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I shouldn't laugh about a song about a person who is now dead, but that was hilarious. No, I do not know the song, nor the singer. First time hearing it. Not living in Sydney, I miss out on a lot of things.


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The song is by an Assyrian Australian band called Azadoota (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azadoota) that makes Latin dance music in Assyrian.

The singer is Robin Zirwanda. He has been in Sydney since the early 1970s. His band usually performs in our Assyrian New Year event in Sydney.

This song is played in our car. Lol. We love it. :ROFLMAO: