Jermain Tamraz comeback


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Hello guys I was listening to some old assyrian music from Jermain Tamraz and I miss her performing terribly, infact I did not get a chance to ever see her.

I was wandaring if we can all help and promote Jermain Tamraz to do a concert in Australia because I want to give her some songs.
What do you think?
Hi Romeal,

Do you want to get in touch with her so she can do a concert in Australia? If that is what you want, then it is a very good idea. I am sure a lot of people would want to see and hear her, since it has been so long since we last heard from her.

These are the type of singers we should be asking to see in concerts and not parties.

Thankyou Ashoor sorry for replying to you late, I was thinking to do a youtube video regarding Jermain Tamraz, I know she is somewhere in LA, and maybe she has temporarily stopped singing because we dont support her, I think now it is the perfect time to start supporting her, youtube is great to start.
I think the first step is what I like to call bombarding when we Assyrians living in Australia, comment on the events that we had when she sang in Australia and how we miss her.

Ashoor what do you think we should do