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its 6 44 am and I can't sleep


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My past keeps replaying in my head like a movie.. I'm rolling around in bed and its just impossible too sleep. The thoughts bring back feelings... Sad feelings.. That get u depressed... Then u remember those exciting feelings that get u excited that u can still feel it now.

Well I just thought id share and kill some time here in this post...

Ever since I came to this country when I was 2 years old.. My life has been about nothing but hockey. Have you ever loved something soo much.. For soo many years till this day the passion and fire in your heart never dies? Have you had a great passion for something that even ur crippled someway somehow physically or mentally and u still can't let go or give up?

Well that's the way I feel for that sport.

Imagine having ur future in the palms of your hands being talked about from town to town... Playing your heart off infront of hundreds of arenas.. Hundreds of people.. Hundreds of parents.. Imagine being appricated for something you love to do.

All bad times I've had in that game.. Come to haunt me down at nights when I sleep... All the little mistakes I made all the losses I've lost and all the fights I fought.. That left scars on my body.. Always end up haunting me.

Imagine having ur career go down the drain.. All the hard work.. Go down like nothing because of 2 injured shoulders and surguries..

When ur a washed up hockey player like me ur left with nothing sleepless nights just asking urself... WHAT IF??

Some say johnny get over it.. Some say johnny see a shrink man u can't let that hurt u.. Its not meant to be.. Blah blah but its realy not that easy.

I'm currently playing for 2 teams right now in the mens league and I have something under my sleeves for a surprise that I don't wanna talk about just yet.. But aside all that.. The passion inside me burns soo bright like the torch up in calgary winter 1988 olympics lol. My shoulders can't handle much abuse and I'm still playing.
My mother just wants me to visit a shrink and burn my hockey equipment and totaly erase that kind of memory out of my head... But I asked her.....

Why destroy the greatest gift canada can ever give to its people??

She said... Ikhree gu canada ou go hockey look wat it did to u. Typical of an assyrian mother who used to come to my games just to say ohh that's my son when she duno how to read the frigin scoreboard... And everytime I got a penelty shed be yelling out in public "shame on you eedyat!!"

I duno if I should say the game has been good to me.. Its taken me to soo many many places givin me soo many great experiences.. Winning tripple a championships.. Playing at the jr b level as a 16 year old... Being the hot shot kid in highschool that every1 talks about. And the bad side... I think the gods of hockey stamped me on the shoulders and said u shalll be banished from this game... And took my career away put me in hospitals.

Gee man I feel sorry for the girl I'm gonna marry.. and if I ever had a son because id kill them with hockey..

Id even pertend its a hockey game in the bedroom with my wife.. Like if she blows me and uses teeth... Ill give her a fukin 4 minute penelty wich means she gotta man up and stick her godamn feet out while I tickle her feet with a feather for 4 good mins...

Ahh ok I shall try and sleep now.. Wish me luck ya all.

Ps : I love and miss all my avn brothers and sisters... Alaha natirokhoon.. And go flames go!!


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i hate it when you talk like this.. uff

man, u have some huge ass testicles.. playing hocky with 2 fucked up shoulders..i applaud you for your bravery and dedication to the sport.. best luck w/ everything! i luFF u fool. :angelnot:

ps- ahem, ill give you a 100 percent tyaryah son thatll make the nhl by age 19. :2guns: