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ISIS Release 25 Assyrians


According to Assyria TV, ISIS released 25 Assyrians from the Khabour, they are now in Tel Tamr and have already met Hasyo Athniel Aphram.
Among the 25:
9 adults (2 men (41 years old) and 7 women (the yougest is 39 and the older around 40)) and and 16 youngs (from 2 years old to 11).

You can watch the video here in Turoyo: ISIS release 25 Assyrian hostages in Syria

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Staff member
Neon said:
How many more Assyrians are captive there? (If there are any)
I think the number is now down to about 130-140, still a lot of innocent people to be released.

I applaud the great efforts by his holiness, Mar Athniel Aphram, who is doing most of the negotiation.



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Thank God. I was speculating before that hope is not lost for them yet, honestly it's almost a miracle that such low-life sub-human trash like isis would keep their word on releasing these captives after negotiations(sadly I think many families have lost all of their savings due to this).