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Introduce yourself


New member
How many are active here? l know that assyrianvoice became inactive years ago and recently is back in track so we have probably lost a lot of people here

I want to know about you so if you feel like it let us know about you.

I have studied history in university in sweden and want to continue in the near future with my studies. If i get accepted on an education which l want to read to get work l will study that for 1 and a half year, its called in sweden cnc-operatör, we usually work with machines, but after completed education l will not work with that, my plan is to continue in university with history based on interests, while l am already a historian l want to be better and learn more about history. In the future l will work as cnc-operatör and in my free time i will maybe write books about our people, l am active right now on wikipedia and have written and edited many pages about the syriac/assyrian people, mostly in english.

I am also right now learning more western syriac, my mother language and akkadian. I have actually noticed how similar akkadian is with syriac, its fascinating that they are so close. Maybe because they are both semitic. I am actually learning the babylonian dialect of akkadian, l wanted to learn assyrian akkadian but couldnt find anything about it on the webb, maybe because babylonian is more popular.

well that was my presentation.. if you want to know anything else about me let me know.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, why you are active here and what you are doing for our nation. I am actually thinking about donating some money as l did in the past for our nation. I am thinking about the documentary assyria ad, have you heard about it? it will be completed soon.


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I have in here for nearly 10 years. Lurked at first then become a full fledged member.

What can I say? I'm interested in Assyrian culture and traditions. But I have variety of other interests too like earth sciences, astronomy, gardening, linguistics, geography and English literature.