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If you wish to learn Assyrain


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[size=20pt] ܡܠܦܢܐ ܕ ܠܝܫܢܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܝܐ[/b]  [/font][/font]​

I have devised an easy way to teach Assyrians who speak the language to read and write it. This is a test version, if it works  it will  be expanded.
If interested Email me at wmwarda@yahoo.com
I can forward the instructions including the Assyrian text to your email address one lesson at a time. If the students have problem comprehending the instruction they can ask for help through email.

Lessons include
1-Learning reading and writing the alphabet.
2- Zowie or Assyrian vowel system
A- zgapa
B- Ptakha
c- zlami kiryi
D- Zlami Yarikhi
E- Rwakha
F- Rwasa
G- Khwasa

and More.