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I Want to Start Writing Assyrian Songs!


Staff member
After listening to a lot of new Assyrian songs, I have come to realize, that our problem is not with music, but with lyrics actually.

I am really tired of hearing:

'doley seya, hale mya'

'bratet d'torraneh'

slele l'galya, rabenwa seya'

'bratet 'dbarya, sdfkhskdhfkjsdhjshdjhsdkkfhdkfsdjjf_YAAAAA'

BASICALLY, I AM TIRED OF All ANYTHING THAT HAS TO end with 'YA', and other words that we have been hearing in our songs over, over, over and over again, for the last 30 years.

BASAAAAAAAAAAAAA  :ranting:  Let us change khacha!

I am no lyricist, nor do I have this as a hobby or interest, but I want to start writing songs. And I will guarantee you that they will be totally different from all the repetetive stuff we have been hearing lately. You will hear new words, new phrases, and just some much needed refreshing for the ear. Our ears are tired, basa!

Of course, it is not an easy thing writing in Assyrian, because our vocabulary is limited. This is my main challenge, and I will have to consult my Assyrian-Arabic dictionary often.

I already have an Assyrian song written in 2000, but I just looked at it today, and realized that I did the same boring mistakes of repeating the things that we hear in every Assyrian song.

You know what my inspiration is?

all the Greek and Iraqi songs I listen to. More the Greek ones. Man, when you hear their words, you will be amazed. 

This is not to suggest that every song or singer have crappy words. Not at all. It is just that I am tired of the same old stuff.

This is not just for me. I encourage everyone of you, to start writing to. We need to supply our singers with new lyrics.



New member
I agree with you Ashoor. Let us first pick a subject to write about. I mean what is the song going to be about.