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I made a woman leave Islam

It was on a game, we were talking for 2 hours and i told her everything about Islam and how it is not normal and she said she's leaving Islam she shut down all her muslim games and groups and now she's an Atheist.

I'm trying to make all the Muslims leave there religion.


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big deal, I made a Kurdish guy from my high school convert to atheism IN REAL LIFE.

He even told me that his outlook on life improved 10x since he left Islam, no more wasting time on praying etc.


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Domanic said:
Meh, i used logic.
Also i told is praying to a paedophile the best man that ever lived or a prophet of "god" ?
Dude, you only convinced a Muslim woman; Muslim men are more stubborn and hard headed. :3


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I've made my friend in high school become a Christian (he was Muslim). He started to become a believer, but alas, 4 years he got cold feet and became a Muslim again. Pfft...

But I don't care really. I'm still his friend.